Super Rich Kids-Inspiration/Personal

As soon as I heard Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids” I knew I wanted to do a shoot based on it.  Frank Ocean is a wonderful storyteller, and his lyrics paint a perfect pictures for his listeners.  When I was planning this shoot I thought hard about what aspects of the song I wanted to portray.  I didn’t have the resources to provide ridiculously rich items for the shoot, so instead I wanted to focus on attitude of the models, and just the joy that teenagers who have minor to no responsibilities.  At that age it’s easy to feel like you own the world, and thats what I wanted to portray.  I wanted this shoot to be fashionable, fun, and most of all showing honest interactions from my models.  Special thanks to my models: Anya, Aimee, and Chad (extra thanks to Aimee for the wardrobe styling, Chad for filling in short notice, and Anya for being a first time modeling pro). I hope you enjoy these images because I put a lot of thought into them :).  You can find Frank Ocean’s tumblr here:  Check out his latest CD: Channel Orange, it’s pretty great.


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