Mike Ruocco Band-Recher Theater | Towson Music Photographer

Recently I  had the pleasure of photographing The Mike Ruocco Band at the Recher Theater in Towson for their annual Christmas show.  I had never photographed a rock band before so it was both a frightening and exciting experience.  It was clear that The Mike Ruocco band has a lot of hometown support and it was great seeing him interact with his fans.  You can check out his music and his tour schedule at his website: http://www.mikeruocco.com.

MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-9WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-15WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-20WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-3WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrdWM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-2WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-4WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-17WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-13WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-5WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-7WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-10WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-11WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-14WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-16WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-18WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-19WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-12WM MikeRuoccoBandDestinyByrd-6WM


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