Malik Ferraud | Baltimore Artist Photographer

Malik Ferraud is a local Baltimore artist that I had the pleasure of photographing this past week.  We had been planning to shoot for awhile, so it was great when everything came full circle and we were able to connect.  You can check out more of his work at and follow him on twitter: @malikferraud

MalikFerraudFinalEdit-2 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-4 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-8 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-11 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-15 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-16 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-17 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-19 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-24 MalikFerraudFinalEdit-28


S/O to Charlie Peacher for coming out and supporting the shoot. Follow him on Instagram: @charliepeacher



And thanks to my wonderful assistant for the day Erica for helping out! Follow her on Instagram: @exrxixcxa



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