Starrz | Baltimore Artist Photographer

Starrz is doing big things for Baltimore, and he plans on doing a lot more during the span of his career.  The Baltimore Sun named his mixtape, “Best Mixtape Ever” as one of the best mixtapes from a Baltimore artist.  He is currently working on a new mixtape, “Live Forever Die Dope”.  The title sparked my interest, and after meeting with Starrz, we decided to go for a classic looks for these photos.  Photographs, like music, is timeless and we wanted to create a look that would stay relevant even after years to come.  After dealing with the blistering cold, unplanned mishaps, and being harassed by a man under the influence, I think we came out with some great photos.  Check out his website: and follow him on Twitter: @IamStarrz.

starrzedited3blog starrzedited9blog starrzedited15blog starrzedited10blog starrzedited13blog starrzedited11blog Starrzedited16blog starrzedited20blog


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